Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New bike in the stable: 1982 Kawasaki AR80 - 2 stroke!

Finally found one!  I've been wanting one of these for many years.  It's one of those somewhat ugly beauties.   A guy in west Chicago had it and he bought it from the guy who did most of the modifications (on ebay he's: msoteros9400)  I've followed his ebay listing for quite a while and I think I almost may have bought this bike from his ebay auction a few years ago... not sure if it was this bike or another one he did.  Either way, I finally found one I could get to.  It runs great and looks like it has a

Not entirely sure how I'll mod it.  Maybe add an Airtech fairing I like the idea of something very different from what anyone else has.  Since I don't have many of the stock parts, I might just modify this and have fun with it.  

The tail section / seat was also included when I bought it from the guy in Chicago along with the green side covers.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Promising gear

I've love to get one of these to review... looks promising.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Surf Austin in 2016

Might have to schedule a vacation in Austin for this:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Slip and slide!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring is coming soon

I've been couped up this winter doing projects around the house.  Built a shed during our first polar vortex (still need to put siding on), had a rim joist under the deck rot out and was leaking water into the house.  Had to cut the deck up, shore up the deck and then detach it from the house, replace the rim joist with treated 2x10, cover with proper sealers, reattach the deck to the new rim joist, repair the deck and all while it was bout 12 degrees outside.

Then... while I had some of the drywall down in the basement because of the water leak and mold starting to form, tore out all the drywall from that area, and decided to put in can lights in the basement and remove the wall sconces to make it nice and bright down there.  That took another month and a half (was working slow and not very motivated).

Finished all that and was standing in the spare room in the basement and noticed a water damaged ceiling tile.  Took the ceiling tile down and the toilet above it was leaking because the plate that attaches the drain to floor had rusted/rotted out.  Cut out the old pipes to fix it and couldn't get it back together, so I had to call a plumber.  Plumber came and patched it back together, then left without resetting the toilet.  Went to reset toilet and noticed the drain was sitting above the tile and it wouldn't set down.  Had to remove new drain piece and redo what the plumber had just "fixed".  You'd think a plumber would know how to set that drain.
Finally got it all back together.  Whheeewww.

Spring is coming... I hope.  It's been a cold tough winter.

Bikes will be getting worked on soon, I hope.

Friday, December 6, 2013

my bikes!

I've sold off the CT70, Honda P50, and the green '68 Z50 this past fall.  I had too many and no place to put them.  So that has lead me to build a shed so I can clean out my garage for once.  The shed build is going well, and is 12' x 12' and has a gambrel roof (mini-barn), so I can even store stuff on the second floor.  I rather like working in the cold weather too, and I really like projects like this.

1994 Honda CT70

1994 Honda CT70 lowered with some mod parts.

1969 Honda Z50 I completely restored with Honda CRF50 engine.

1979 Honda Z50R I completely restored.  10" CHP rims, minigunz exhaust, Daytona shocks, Takegawa 95cc FirePowerMinis built engine, Joker throttle, etc.

'79 Z50 dirt version

My fleet as of summer 2013.  Sold off the Grenn Z50, CT70 and P50 though, this fall.

JDM Honda Chaly, '68 Z50, '79 Z50, 2004 CRF50 all built up, '94 CT70, '67 P50, JDM XR100 Motard, JDM Ape 100.

Ken Koontz took some pictures while were out for our annual Fiddy Fest at Dave's

Got to ride my 1979 Honda Z50 on a mini track at our friend Dave's place.  Ken is quite the photographer.