Thursday, October 29, 2009

1960's People that rode Hondas looked happier.

1950's Time Life Motorcycle images. Good stuff from back in the days.

Google image search: 1950s motorcycles source:life

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wakeskate videos and more...

Pretty sweet video put out by Nike called Aquafolics:

and a video from Joey Northup:
Here are the links for download:

Unleashed latest online magazine:

THM's full length video:

Addicted wakeskate film 2008 (full) from thm production on Vimeo.

The Scallywags video online. Scallywags was filmed and produced by Tad Mathews.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A couple guys that are on the forums had a john boat with a mini tower that looks like a killer idea. I pm'd Loller and he told me that Bromfutter and his dad built the tower out of electrical conduit and just welded the pipes together.
Here's what Bromfutter told me about it
the tower is just made from electrical conduit, its just galvanized metal tubes. I got them from Lowe's and just bent them and shaped them how i wanted then welded it all together. It might be a little expensive if you get a fab shop to do it for you though. As far as mounting it to the boat i just made L brackets that welded to the bottom of the tower and rested against the insides of the boat and then drilled a hole threw the bracket and boat and bolted it together.

you can see the bracket at bolt here at the 13sec. mark :

good luck with the build, and keep in mind not to build it too tall or it will make your boat harder to drive while someone is cutting around behind it.
Thanks for the info guys. Now I need to convince my dad to let me put a mini-tower on the flat bottom "fishing" john-boat he just bought. ;)

Arson Wakeskates

I really want to pick up one of their boards. They look amazing.