Saturday, January 16, 2010


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Commuter bike

I've been thinking about making it a habit of riding a bike to work and back, hopefully on a daily basis. I think I'll need to buy a commuter bike, so there are a few things that I want in a commuter. I'd want an internally geared rear hub, prefer disk or drum brakes, lights, a generator, and fenders. Also I'd like something comfortable to ride. I'm not trying to set land-speed records, so comfort and quality is key.

So far I've found the Masi Soulville 7, a Torker Graduate, a Kona Ute, a Kona Worldbike, a Kona Dr. Fine,  a Civia Hyland, a Surly Big Dummy, or maybe one of the Scotts, which look awesome: sub20, sub35 Nexus or a sub40. The Scotts look great, as does the Kone Dr. Fine. Now I need to find them at a local bike shop and see and ride them.  That may prove harder than I think. So many options, so little money.