Monday, March 29, 2010

Remote wakeskates

Company Wake's new wakeskate division is being headed up by Silas Thurman who has signed Ben Horan and Andrew Pastura as their team.  Should be some nice boards.  I might be looking to get one of these since Arson wakeskates are taking some time off to get things lined up.  Who knows when Arson will actually be producing boards that I can buy, but they should be nice when they do come out.  I think the owner is too busy wakeskating instead of producing boards... can you blame him?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Subaru limited Edition STi

This is what my dreams are made of:

Wish I had the money... I'd be in line for one.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sideburn Magazine - Issue 5 is out

In my opinion, this is one of the best magazines produced.

Get a copy at

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Honda mini obsession

If one was to ask my wife what I'm usually preoccupied with she'd probably immediately say motorcycles.  I grew up riding small dirt bikes and my dad gave me my first Honda 50 for my 10th birthday.  I still remember walking to the back yard where my dad told me my present was and I remember pulling off a canvas cover off that little blue Honda z50.  I think it was a '73 since I remember it being blue.

My brothers and I had a couple of other bikes (a Honda CT70 and an XR75) that we tore up the front yard with.  We rode around in circles and wore paths in the front yard.  That's a lot for my dad to take since he prides himself in having the best looking yard in a 3000 mile radius of Lansing, IL. ;)

Fast forward about 30 years and my friends and are all into wakeboarding and going to wakeboarding events that you camp at and party for a half a week in the summer.  Great times.  So a few of our friends start showing up with Honda 50s and I'd say within 2 more years about 20-30 fiddies would show up at each event.  It became an obsession with a lot of us (especially me).  I couldn't be satisfied with just one bike as I always had that vintage old school thing in my head from when I was young.  I was reminiscing!

I started off buying a used Honda CRF50 and then modding it with better parts. Then I found an old Z50 so I had to have that too, but the motor wasn't that great so I had to find a crf50 to put in it.

Then it was the early hardtail Z50 that I became obsessed with (1968-1972).  I think I counted seven that I had at one time.

I still had all the other bikes too.  So I probably had 10ish bikes at one time.  My crf50 had grown into a full blown monster mod.  It was awesome, but I wasn't riding enough and spent a lot more time building bikes then riding, so I sold some of them off.
In the mean time I found a 1991 Honda CT70 that was street legal.  I picked that up and after a trip to the hospital for stitches since I jabbed a knife into my hand while at the guys house where I was buying it. I was trying to open a new package of ratchet straps with a 4" knife.  Woops.

Got that home and then my street legal craze started.  I wasn't riding in the dirt that much so I put more into the CT70.

I was going to build a street legal Honda Monkey Z50 project and had some awesome parts, but agonizingly decided not to build it and instead traded it my friend Dan for his '91 CT70, which I had sold to him about a year earlier.  I thought it was easier for me to sell the CT70 than to try to sell all those specialty parts.  So that CT70 is sitting in my garage today and I have someone coming over to buy it on Monday.  I currently have three '91 CT70s though, but only two after Monday (I hope).  The CRF50s are all long gone, as are the multiple other older Z50s.  I only have one Z50 left and that's for sale too. 
I'm getting rid of everything except my best CT70.
I have the motor for that bike gettting built up a bit, by Terry from FirePower Minis  (Takegawa 88 kit with Tak older race head, Tak 50mm crank, AHP 4 speed tranny with a TB Bikes manual clutch).  Should be a great running bike.  Terry knows his stuff.

So the obsession is still there and I don't think it'll be going away any time soon, but for now my wife and I have some smaller things we're working on ;)   My poor wife.

Next bike might be a Honda CB160 or if I had the money a custom street tracker, or a TR6 Triumph, or a panhead or ultimately a Knuckle-head Harley.  Some day...