Monday, November 28, 2011

Wall of Death by Benedict Campbell

Benedict Campbell is putting together some really great videos.  I'm finding his films very enjoyable... might be a like for his subject matter too, but he does a remarkable job putting them together... Nice job Benedict.

THE WALL OF DEATH from benedict campbell on Vimeo.

Friday, November 18, 2011

How to adjust Timing, Timing Chain Tension and Valves

This guy puts together a great video.  Can't get this stuff from a Clymers manual, easily, so the videos really help.  I'm a visual person too ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Honda XR100 Motard JDM finally arrived

After a little worrying, ok, maybe a lot, my bike has finally found it's way from Houston to the Chicago area!  I think I got it for a decent price considering if you tried to build one with the same specs, it would be very hard to do, take a lot of time and be expensive since you'd have to source the forks, rims, and disk brakes.  The cool thing is this has a stock NSF100 motor, carb and ecu... not that that NSF100 motor is any different than a CRF100 motor though.  I love the exhaust... LEO VINCE!

Here's the specs on the bike:
JDM Honda factory XR-100 motard
Honda NSF-100 Engine, carb, ecm
JDM NSR-50 wheels/brakes
Leo Vince exhaust w/ carbon can
Bridgestone BT-601ss w/ 80% life left
DID chain
Takagawa fixed pegs(chopped down)
Takagawa billet engine hangers
Pro-taper billet clutch perch
K&N air filter
Aftermarket handle bars

Black rear side plastics
Stock handle bars
USDM CRF100 folding peg mounts(no pegs)
Misc. stock parts.. handle bars, pegs, speedo in km

None of the stock lighting included. 
It's a japanese model bike that was imported. Bill of sale only.
Valves adjusted, carb cleaned and fresh oil.

I ordered a JDM xr100 headlight and tail light section along with a full wire harness too from  It might take a while to get that stuff though since it's just a long process since I'm buying through a third party site from Yahoo Japan.  

Going to keep my eyes out for a decent deal on a BBR 120cc bore kit and a Yosh carb too.  That should make it really fun to ride. Update: bought the BBR kit, but I'm having a hard time finding a carb adapter for my Yosh vm24 carb.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

a rainy Thursday outside, so watch something cool

Much Much Go from Fuel Tank TV on Vimeo.

My new bike hasn't arrived yet.  The guy that's supposed to deliver it is now 4 days late.  He sounds like a  complete jack-knob when I talk to him too.   He was supposed to show up last night with it, but never called, didn't answer his phone, and finally shot me an email the morning after about some excuse why he couldn't make it.  Next step, is file a police report for stolen property if it doesn't show.  Guy deserves not to get paid for the delivery at the very least.  I'm seeing what the shipping org can do about it too.

Ryan Ford from Fuel Tank TV on Vimeo.

Factory 6: Craig Metros from Fuel Tank TV on Vimeo.

I think it's cool to see a bit of analog in a digital world:

HBTV: Depth of Speed - Andy the Pinstriper from HBTV on Vimeo.

HBTV: Depth of Speed - Salt Flats Speed Shop from HBTV on Vimeo.