Friday, September 21, 2012

Honda... even their ads are great

Super Cub, the most popular bike on the planet.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

my other mini bikes

I just noticed that I don't think I ever posted anything about my other bikes or any pics.  What's the use of a blog if you don't show pics of your junk.

My Honda XR100 Motard (from Japan), my Honda Ape 100 (from Japan) and my 1994 CT70.  All of them have good amounts of custom parts too.  I need to ride more and I need to start my '79 Z50 rebuild, which is one of the frames that needs to be powder coated in the new oven extension.  I included a shot from when I was piping in my air compressor too.  That was fun, but I now have about 40-50 feet of pipe before the air hits the air dryer.  It works much better, but I'd still like it to be dryer air. I might have to look into a air dryer/cooler system next.  Maybe after I remodel our kitchen, build a shed, and install a new circuit box in our house.  Lots of projects to start on. :)

Made an extension for my powder coating oven

I took an old dish washer tub and cut it up and riveted it back together to fit into the opening of my oven.  This lets me put my small Honda Z50 frames and other slightly larger parts into the oven to bake.  After a couple tests and some insulation, I stripped my 1968 Z50 frame and powdered it Granny Smith Green.  It's a two stage dormant powder, so the second stage is a clear coat powder which makes the green color come alive.  Turned out pretty good and my oven is finally set up to do my frame, which saves me about $200 per frame, and I have at least two more to do.  Total saving is $600 at a cost of about $50 in insulation.