Friday, December 6, 2013

my bikes!

I've sold off the CT70, Honda P50, and the green '68 Z50 this past fall.  I had too many and no place to put them.  So that has lead me to build a shed so I can clean out my garage for once.  The shed build is going well, and is 12' x 12' and has a gambrel roof (mini-barn), so I can even store stuff on the second floor.  I rather like working in the cold weather too, and I really like projects like this.

1994 Honda CT70

1994 Honda CT70 lowered with some mod parts.

1969 Honda Z50 I completely restored with Honda CRF50 engine.

1979 Honda Z50R I completely restored.  10" CHP rims, minigunz exhaust, Daytona shocks, Takegawa 95cc FirePowerMinis built engine, Joker throttle, etc.

'79 Z50 dirt version

My fleet as of summer 2013.  Sold off the Grenn Z50, CT70 and P50 though, this fall.

JDM Honda Chaly, '68 Z50, '79 Z50, 2004 CRF50 all built up, '94 CT70, '67 P50, JDM XR100 Motard, JDM Ape 100.

Ken Koontz took some pictures while were out for our annual Fiddy Fest at Dave's

Got to ride my 1979 Honda Z50 on a mini track at our friend Dave's place.  Ken is quite the photographer.


Friday, August 30, 2013

new to me 1970 Honda CT70

Picked this up last night for $100.  It's just a parts bike, as I can use the rims, forks and little small parts for building my Chaly.

I'm liking the color, but as you can tell from my car, I like orange.
This was also the first time, since I sold my Tacoma, that I was able to use my newly devised cargo carrier.  It worked pretty good.