Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New bike in the stable: 1982 Kawasaki AR80 - 2 stroke!

Finally found one!  I've been wanting one of these for many years.  It's one of those somewhat ugly beauties.   A guy in west Chicago had it and he bought it from the guy who did most of the modifications (on ebay he's: msoteros9400)  I've followed his ebay listing for quite a while and I think I almost may have bought this bike from his ebay auction a few years ago... not sure if it was this bike or another one he did.  Either way, I finally found one I could get to.  It runs great and looks like it has a

Not entirely sure how I'll mod it.  Maybe add an Airtech fairing I like the idea of something very different from what anyone else has.  Since I don't have many of the stock parts, I might just modify this and have fun with it.  

The tail section / seat was also included when I bought it from the guy in Chicago along with the green side covers.